Rose, Bud, Thorn

Today I want to share an exercise I discovered and quickly fell in love with last month.  It is short, taking no more than a minute or two; it provides an avenue to recognize gratitude, joy, and challenges; and as an added bonus, it makes for a great dinner conversation starter with family! It’s calledContinue reading “Rose, Bud, Thorn”

The Four-Month Word

I will be the first to say that a four-month word was not in my plan.  My plan, of course, was a beautiful collection of twelve different words by the end of the year, each representing some virtue or practice I worked to incorporate within my life throughout the year.  Rarely, however, does life proceedContinue reading “The Four-Month Word”

January’s One Word: Mindful

There are many people and organizations today that preach a shift away from resolutions in the New Year and towards large ideas: one word that will take you and guide you through the year.  Some variations move towards three words for the year, or a phrase or mantra instead; the details vary, but the ideaContinue reading “January’s One Word: Mindful”

A New Year’s Blessing

With the new year upon us, my thoughts always turn to who I am and what I’ve done, compared to who I want to be, and what I want to do.  After my own reflection, I’ve considered the kind of blessing I’d wish for myself in this new year, and offer it to you asContinue reading “A New Year’s Blessing”