A New Year’s Blessing

With the new year upon us, my thoughts always turn to who I am and what I’ve done, compared to who I want to be, and what I want to do.  After my own reflection, I’ve considered the kind of blessing I’d wish for myself in this new year, and offer it to you as we move forward into 2018.

This year, may you live one moment at a time.  May you recognize each moment as what it is: a time to its own, a unique moment that will exist only once, here and now.  May you notice the little things but not get lost in worry; take in the big picture but still appreciate the details.  May you learn from the past, and look forward to the future, but live in the present, taking one day, one hour, one moment at a time.

May you take risks.  May you put yourself out there to experience success and failure, and see opportunities as something rich in potential, not something to be feared.  May you show others your true self, whether or not it be to their liking, and may you open yourself to receive others as they truly are.  May you try new things, eat new foods, see new sights, go new places, meet new people, and learn more about this world.  May you see the adventure that is possible in both the ordinary and extraordinary, and live each day in the spirit of that adventure.

May you experience emotion unabashedly.  May you feel the thrill of excitement, the power of joy, the zen of peace, and the warmth of love.  May you be equally accepting of the ache of heartbreak, the emptiness of loss, the darkness of sadness, and the invasive chill of despair.  May you accept all feelings and emotions as they are, and experience them non-judgmentally,  remembering that all things, good and bad, are moments in a life, not life itself, and that thoughts are not truth, but perceptions we create.


May your coming year be filled with

More yoga, less worry;
More books, less work;
More gratitude, less complaining;
More vegetables, less sugar;
More prayer, less despair;
More teamwork, less resentment;
More music, less noise;
More exercise, less avoidance;
More freedom, less clutter;
More confidence, less doubt;
More mercy, less blame;

And more love for all the world.


Peace and blessings to one and all.