First Steps

Months ago I wrote about my plan to resume my Walk to Mordor, a challenge I set for myself for the first time a few years ago and one that I enjoyed enough to commit to again.  In the time between my commitment and the present moment many things happened, but a walking and hikingContinue reading “First Steps”

Book Review: Factfulness, by Hans Rosling

Everyone should read this book.  I say this with complete conviction.  I repeat it without hesitation.  Everyone should read this book. If you are an eighteen-year old boy starting college in a few months, you should read this book.  If you are a seventy-year old grandmother who loves going to baseball games, you should readContinue reading “Book Review: Factfulness, by Hans Rosling”

June Reset and July Joy

We often talk about “needing a reset button.”  I am in agreement that we all, at certain points of the day, week, year, and lives need time to reset.  It may be a moment, such as when we listen to that favorite song during our lunch break on a difficult Tuesday.  It may extend throughContinue reading “June Reset and July Joy”